What is the Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor?

The Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor (CSSC) is a multi-jurisdictional, multi-organizational Consortium committed to supporting the mission of Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) and promoting economic vitality for the region. Established during BRAC 2005, the CSSC leveraged more than $10.5 million in federal funding from the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) to support infrastructure, transportation and workforce development readiness as a BRAC growth community. 

Today post-BRAC, CSSC continues to be a collaborative voice for the region and looks at proactive approaches to support APG’s growing mission with six Centers of Excellence and an economically strong region that comprises approximately 95% of its workforce. With multi-state engagement, Harford County, Maryland serves as the lead agency for grant funding opportunities and communication coordination for the Consortium to support a high quality of life for our growing defense community.

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